Our Technique

High Density Firm Foam -
Supports body weight able to maintain shape

A unique combination of a firmer, denser foam that
acts to stabilize the settee itself 

Extra firm Foam -
Acts as a mid-lumbar support

An ergonomic support foam that helps
support the body's alignment

Soft Foam - Enhances comfortability

Sink into the Momo Settee with the 
feeling of utmost comfort

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Ergonomic Design

Ergonomic design with absolutely no fillers! The Momo Sofa is a modern tech sofa that provides both incredible support and maximum comfort.

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3 Layers Form

Sink into luxurious foam: Unprecedented technology utilizing 3 layers of high density polyether foam that requires no wooden frame.

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Skilled Craftsmanship

Hand-finished by our skilled craftsmen: They hand sew every single fold of the fabric cover to ensure utmost diligence in quality.

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Durable Fabrics

We developed exceptional blends of soft, silky premium fabrics that are specially designed for luxurious comfort and lasting durability.